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Baseball Questions is simply a country boys way of allowing you to enjoy learning more about the game of baseball and maybe even enjoy some obscure data/facts of the game.

There is much to learn concerning many obscure baseball-facts with tons of printed baseball-data which may not have captured your attention before.

Deep within most of us is a yearning to have knowledge about many things and in some cases a particular subject such as our wonderful game of baseball which captures our inquisitive desire to know more.

You will be able to forego many volumes of written information yet gain much by the simple trying to answer questions in the form of a quiz. Baseball questions hopefully will provide you a way to satisfy much of that "inquisitive" want to while learning about baseball.

The beauty of our baseball questions is that there is no pass or fail it is however hopefully a boon toward you seeking answers on baseball-facts and hurrying back to visit at Baseballfarming and Baseball Questions

"Now listen here good buddy ! If I knew there was going to be a baseball Questions and a possible surprise quiz I would have sat on the very front row and paid one heck-of-a-lot closer and listened more intently."

"Questions quiz or just a plain ole chatter and banter of baseball info it is always good to retain and remember so as to increase that knowledge base for the grand game of baseball."

The old school professional baseball players played the game for the love of the game and they were some more happy campers for getting paid for that which they enjoyed so much.

The modern era baseball players seem to have joined the game professionally for the money end of the deal. That fact, however, is not to say they did not nor do not love the game but as you know good folks times and things do change.

Here is the first of your baseball quiz and it is a two part question: Let me set the background information leading to the question.

  • These two very famous Hall Of Fame baseball players enjoyed careers in the game recognized as being among the greats to ever have played the game.

  • By mere coincidence both of these gentlemen baseball greats independent and in their own right were super left hand hitting heroes. As an aside I always enjoy touting the kindred spirit among the left hand hitters since I too hit from the left side batters box.

  • Both put their love of their game above the value of money.

  • Both went to their respective team owners after having played a season of below what they considered worthy of their pay and requested a cut in their next years salary. Can you name these two players?

    Who was "Ted Williams" and "Stan Musial" ?

    [In 1959, after a drop in his batting average, Ted Williams demanded that his salary be reduced from $125,000 to $90,000.]

    (1960, Stan "The Man" Musial told the St Louis Cardinals to drop his salary $20,000 for his not fully earning his pay.)

    You are given the answer for this very first question and in the future and from time to time more questions will be added to this page for your benefit.

    In the future, however, the answers will only be given when your interest rises to the level of asking for the answer from Baseballfarming

    Example of a future question: Who was made famous for his baseball hitting of the "Baltimore Chop?"

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