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Descriptive Definitions Which Describe The Elements For The Game Of Baseball

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Baseball Terminology provides you with many of the definitive words or language which describes a lot of the common activity and particular parts of the games action of play during a game.

Baseball Defined!

A little tad more information on baseball terminology dealing with the words used in baseball can now be added into your vast storehouse of learning about baseball. Now along with your intense studies into such matters as the principles of appplied science for Einstein's Theory of Relativity. You may want to add the game of ball and this baseball terminology.

Along with the happenings out there on the diamond also here at the ball park you will hear much diamond-chatter players either encouraging teammates or taunting the opposition. This talk out there on the diamond as also around the stands where baseballs ballpark lingo and is much too with baseball terminology in practical use.

All you need is to pick up some of this baseball jargon and soon it is something you know and use without a second thought and then my friend you are well on your way to being a real part of the baseball loyal fans.

Baseball the game nor this baseball terminology neither one of which is definitely not rocket science but it sure keeps us all from being dummies as we gain and have a good grasp of most all the baseball terminology.

  • Ballpark is the place where the game of baseball is being played it may be a grand structure seating thousands of cheering fans or it may be lowly cow pasture such as we enjoyed in Micklewrights pasture.

    Using baseball terminology has many facets it can describe grandeur or even maybe a humble place where joy and thrill of victory abounds.

  • Ball Diamond describes the shape and placement of the four bases of the ball field at the ballpark and is synonymous in it's use in referring to where the baseball game is being played.

  • Ball Field is an all inclusive baseball terminology where sports including the game of baseball is actually played.

  • Clubhouse the clubhouse is where the team dresses into their game baseball uniforms to play the game. The Clubhouse is normally located beneath the stands or the stadium seating area.

    Showers for removing the sweat and playing grime wash up and getting back into their street clothes after the game.

    One of the prime reasons for it to be called the clubhouse in a club type atmosphere and with relaxing pre-game television or other lounging type activity is available thus you have the teams Clubhouse.

    Pregame pep talk for the manager to talk to the team and discuss game type strategy against the opponent is done here in the Clubhouse prior to game time.

  • Stadium is the structure surrounding the Ball Field or Ballpark where the fans or spectators are seated to enjoy the ball game and their popcorn, cracker jacks and Big Orange.

  • Bleachers this is the open seating area normally uncovered with no overhead roof. The open faced bleachers provides ample exposure for sunshine and (tanning time) and because Bleachers as a part of your Baseball Terminology is a point of destination for the Tanning Game.

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  • Turnstiles in the early days of sporting events and in particular baseball fans would enter the Ballpark or Stadium via revolving arms while each turn of these arms or turnstiles counted the number of patrons entering to witness there favorite team in action.

  • Pitcher this is the player who stands out there all by himself on the hill or mound of dirt which is slap dab in the middle of that Diamond. He stands there with his feet on a white hard slab which is call the pitching rubber.

  • Rosin Bag laying on the ground just to the rear or somewhere near the pitching rubber is a little white bag filled with powdered fine ground and dried pine rosin. Because the pitchers hand and fingers will get wet with sweat (polite word perspiration) the pitcher will from time to time dust his pitching hand with this little bag of rosin.

    What pray tell me does mentioning a little white bag of pine rosin have to do with Baseball Terminology? Shucks Dash it has one heck of a lot to do with improving your knowledge of our game of baseball.

  • Foul Poles Looking from Home Plate straight down the white chalked line going past the very outside edge of first base and continuing on straight till you get to the outfield fence you will find a big painted pole standing about fifty feet tall. This is the right field foul pole and the line you followed is the right field foul line.

    Again from home Plate looking down the white line just to the outside edge of third base continuing on straight till you reach the outfield fence you will find another big painted pole standing tall. This is the left field foul pole and again the line you followed is the left field foul line.

    Baseball Terminology and the use of the word "foul poles" just had to be called foul because when the long ball hitter puts little baseball over the fence within a hairs breath of that foul pole it sure causes a stink. Hitting team claims fair defending team claims foul and the ruckus begins.

  • Dugout this is the players bench where all the players sit who are not in the playing lineup and is where the team at bat must stay unless they either are at bat or waiting to be the next batter (which we call the "on deck" batter) or the next batter after him (which we call the "in-the-hole" batter).

    The home teams dugout is on the first base side of the diamond. Visiting teams dugout is on the third base side of the diamond.

  • Inning of Baseball A regulation game of college level and higher including all the professional games are played to nine (9) innings of regulation play.

    Each inning of the game of baseball is divided into two parts the top of the inning whereby the visiting team is at bat and then after three outs the teams switch and the home team is at bat during the bottom half of the inning. Just so that you know the inning is top and bottom to make a full inning of play.

  • Public Address System and Speakers As you enter the ballpark you will be greeted by some mood peepy music and some public announcements coming loud and attention getting of local interest coming events and a general welcome to the stadium or ballpark.

    Some fan type safety measures will be addressed and bringing attention to during or after the game activities that the fans will enjoy during there visit with the teams game here at the ole ball field.

  • Play by Play Ball Game Broadcast Announcer The Broadcast Play by Play Announcer Booth is located on the roof top directly behind home plate. He is busy all game long broadcasting via radio and in many cases television broadcast of all the ball playing action.

    In the broadcast booth you might find also the local newspaper sports writers busy taking notes of action on the game for publication in the next days local and wire service papers.

    If the game is considered of extreme interest around the country or the world visiting broadcast services and newspaper outlet writers and sport commentators will be a part of the broadcast booth or other significant vantage point in the ballpark.

  • Scoreboard normally,usually or at least most of the time you will find the huge magnificent scoreboard in the baseball ballpark either straight away or to the slight left or right of center field. Here are the things you will usually see on and being kept track of on the score board:

    1)The inning top or bottom being played 2)A score of runs by inning 3)running tally of runs, running tally of hits, and running tally of errors 4)home teams name 5)visiting teams name 6) The uniform number of the batter (changes for each batter) 7)Large Clock showing the local time 8) Ball count 9)Strike count 10) Number of Outs 11) Uniform number of both Pitchers 12) Then there is usually an obscure figure somewhere on the scoreboard which will show intermittently "The speed of the previous pitch by the pitcher in mph."

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