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Famous Baseball Hitters is a much sought after honor by most all baseball players which have suited up in their baseball uniform and laced on his spikes to play the game of baseball.

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In the world of military and politics there has always been the age old question, "Are Leaders born as Leaders or are they made into Leaders?

The same quetion might equally apply to the great and the famous baseball hitters are they born with enough natural ability to be hitters or are they made into hitting leaders and legends?

The art of hitting a baseball, and becoming proficient to consistently garner safe hits or to blast the ball with power as a long ball hitter, is no easy task. It is surely a fine line between that natural ability and the learned practiced skill. "Ole shoe don't look to me for the answer to that question about famous baseball hitters being born or taught to master this hitting jig?"

" I will offer this bit for you because I have been banged around by the best of the best. It appears by my observation through history it is predominantly a natural born ability potential by most with good eyesight, strong flexible muscle and bone structure, superb body motion and rhythm, a sense of timed reflexes and adding in a smathering of good instructional natural mechanics for skills of hitting."

Since the long ball power hitting gets the crowd totally excited up out of their seats and into the game it is the action which gets 90 percent of the headlines for hitters we start by listing some of the Home Run Leaders.


  • Barry Bonds------------762--(73-2001)
  • Hank Aaron---------------755
  • Babe Ruth----------------714--(60-1927)
  • Willie Mays--------------660
  • Ken Griffey, Jr----------630
  • Alex Rodriquez-----------642
  • Sammy Sosa---------------609
  • Jim Thome----------------609
  • Frank Robinson-----------586
  • Mark McGwire-------------583--(70-1998)
  • Harmon Killebrew---------573
  • Rafael Palmeiro----------569
  • Reggie Jackson-----------563
  • Manny Ramirez------------555
  • Mike Schmidt----------548
  • Mickey Mantle---------536
  • Jimmie Foxx-----------534
  • Ted Williams----------521
  • Willie McCovey--------521
  • Frank Thomas----------521
  • Ernie Banks-----------512
  • Eddie Mathews---------512
  • Mel Ott---------------511
  • Eddie Murray----------504
  • Roger Maris-------------- (61-1961) Famous baseball hitters identified by home run production is only half the story. If you want to know the whole story you must give an honest appraisal of those legendary super hitting heroes who proved their skills day in and day out.

    Hitting the ball consistently on the nose with unquestioned abilities while hitting safely and winning ball games with their superb batting averages (BA), clutch hitting or runs batted in (RBI's) and total number of hits are baseballs real heroes.


  • Ty Cobb .367
  • Roger Hornsby .358
  • Joe Jackson .356
  • Pete Browning .349
  • Ed Delahanty .346
  • Tris Speaker .345
  • Billy Hamilton .344
  • Ted Williams .344
  • Dan Brouthers .342
  • Babe Ruth .342
  • Harry Heilmann .342
  • Willie Keeler .341
  • Bill Terry .341
  • George Sisler .340
  • Lou Gehrig .340
  • Jesse Burkett .338
  • Tony Gwynn .338
  • Nap Lajoie .338
  • Riggs Stephenson .336
  • Al Simmons .334

  • Hank Aaron 2297
  • Babe Ruth 2213
  • Barry Bonds 1996
  • Lou Gehrig 1995
  • Stan Musial 1951
  • Ty Cobb 1938
  • Jimmie Foxx 1922
  • Eddie Murray 1917
  • Willie Mays 1903
  • Cap Anson 1880
  • Mel Ott 1860
  • Carl Yastrzemski 1844
  • Ted Williams 1839
  • Ken Griffey Jr. 1836
  • Rafael Palmeiro 1835
  • Dave Winfield 1833
  • Alex Rodriquez 1831
  • Manny Ramirez 1830
  • Al Simmons 1827
  • Frank Robinson 1812
  • Honus Wagner 1732
  • Frank Thomas 1704
  • Reggie Jackson 1702
  • Cal Ripkin Jr. 1695


  • Pete Rose 4256
  • Ty Cobb 4189
  • Hank Aaron 3771
  • Stan Musial 3630
  • Tris Speaker 3514
  • Honus Wagner 3420
  • Carl Yastrzemski 3419
  • Paul Molitor 3319
  • Eddie Collins 3315
  • Willie Mays 3283
  • Eddie Murray 3255
  • Nap Lajoie 3242
  • Cal Ripken Jr. 3184
  • George Brett 3154
  • Paul Waner 3152
  • Robin Yount 3142
  • Tony Gwynn 3141
  • Dave Winfield 3110
  • Craig Biggio 3060
  • Rickey Henderson 3055
  • Rod Carew 3053 Now you know some more of the story of baseball hitting by famous baseball hitters.

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    Batter Up ---- Let's Play Ball ....

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