Swimming And Baseball
Two Sports And Two Fitness Gems

Two Great Sport Activities
Which Complement Each Other.

Fitness-Swimming which combines two terrific sports activities baseball and swimming which provides complementary support for each sport especially swimming, which boosts developing baseball techniques capability and execution.

The exercise one receives from swimming is tantamount to registering ones dedication to swim-for-life. there is almost a ten fold reward given to everyone toward a healthier and more vigorous life style of body strength and agility all by the simple partaking of frequent and meaningful swimming as an exercise of fun.

Silky smooth fluid movement with quickness to execute most every plays in baseball including hitting needs long elastic and very flexible muscles.

The muscles of the body which are most visible are the biceps, the forearms and the legs, both the calf and the thighs. Bulky hard knotted slow moving muscle toning is not the answer.

Going past the young formative years the muscle bulk of most super star baseball players tends to signify that baseball fitness with development of slender long fibered muscle structure is the best.

The combined activities of fitness exercise in swimming supports quantumly the efforts toward baseball fitness. The two activities of a good exercise program of fitness-swimming is an ideal combination for developing muscles needed for baseball play.

Muscled up bulky muscles which look like hard as rock knots in the arms and legs are not conducive to fleet quick cat like movements so important to baseball as is fitness-swimming.

This is the place where your clear understanding of the baseball fitness-swimming activity and the part it can play in the stretching of those sinuous flexible muscles is important in developing the right type of body muscles for playing baseball.

Suffice it to say that how we develop the muscles of the body will determine and play a significant role in how well we might have body control with superb balance to perform doing whatever sport we want to master.

Some sport activities require the extra ordinary bulk of muscle such as professional wrestlers, football playing linemen, worlds strongest man contest, and etc, etc.

Now we digress from other activities and talk strictly baseball fitness-swimming.


There is a lot which is special about fitness-swimming. First and foremost it might or could become a matter of life or death.

The majority of drownings are preventable by simply training all our youngsters early in life the value of being unafraid of being in water.

By a preponderance of percentage the earth we live on is covered by water. Our very bodies are by a very huge percentage water.

Every youngster boy and girl alike should be totally acclimated to having fun and not being afraid of being in deep water over their heads. A very large percent of drowning could be prevented if people were taught early on how to survive in water.

Swimming and the sheer exhileration of propelling ones body through the water is the thrill part of being in the water.

As a youngster going to the old Tarzan movies and watching Tarzan and Boy dive into the river water of the jungle and gliding aimlessly away from the alligators was sheer excitement. During the hot days of summer many time we would cut short our games of baseball and go make out like we were Tarzan swimming in the local creeks in our hometown.

Learning basic techniques for survival while being in the water is the critical neccessary lesson every child should be taught.

The simple fact that one can be taught to relax and not be afraid is important. This being relaxed and not afraid is applicable for both baseball and swimming when developing superb athletes.

If one can relax while being in water they can float or tread water and never be required to swim a stroke. This is what survival in water is all about. Just relax and no panic is allowed.

Swimming provides some training which is sublimanal in nature yet is so good for us to have a healthy body. We need not give it a concerted thought but we get a good lesson in breathing control and breathing habit just by the fact we are in water.

Moving from the basic of the water survival issue and and then tying it to the baseball fitness-swimming for health's sake is really something worth knowing about.

Swimming and the necessary movement action of arms and legs for propulsion thru the water causes one to use most all of the body muscles.

One of the most vital elements from a health and fitness point of view is the effect fitness-swimming has on the cardiovascular system of the heart and lungs. Since medical is not my forte let it suffice to say, "check it out with your medical doctor and see if swimming is a good exercise format."

This muscle exercise of swimming helps to develop ideal muscle tone for both sport activities in the baseball fitness-swimming regimen.

Swimming as fun and swimming as an exercise developing muscle strength and body stamina is a one two punch of a life enhancement activity.

The use of the arms the legs and the breathing action along with the hearts blood pumping exercise makes swimming a very important plus it is superb internal and external body building activity.

What does the Baseball Whiz know about baseball and swimming and the body building enhancement occassioned by swimming? Actually very little; however, do me the favor, of speaking with your family doctor or a well conditioned professional athlete to verify if I'm not on the mark.

I'm telling you the truth snaggle tooth.

You see I mentioned breathing and you might ask, "What the heck has this breathing jazz got to do with body conditioning?"

There are two vital life sustaining organs of the body which are muscles, the Lungs and the Heart. Let either of these two muscles be weak and under perform and you are in a severe hurt locker.

Swimming naturally tends to build strength and stamina into these two unseen critical muscles.

Breathing--Is a basic reflective action of the body and the fact that you breathe is a good thing.

Two things take place during our breathing. We gulp down a good gasp of fresh Oxygen and we displace a lot of Carbon Dioxide.

This getting rid of carbon dioxide from our body is as vital as this fresh oxygen we take in. Oxygen feeds our blood and heart with neccessary life support while the expelled carbon dioxide gets rid of waste gathered from the blood during its travel thru the body.

Heart and Lung muscle building--is accomplished by this methodical movement and exercise of arms and legs during our swimming. Heart is pumping, the Lungs are pumping and this is all good when done in proper moderation.

A baseball player who has a weakness of breathing or a weakened heart beat will show a significant slowdown in thinking and also slugginess of body movement in the latter innings of a ball game.

The capacity of diminished oxygen flow into the vital areas of the body takes a telling toll on an out of condition baseball and swimming athlete.

These life support functions of good strong Lungs and Heart and the improved flow of oxygen into our blood stream and the exchange of carbon dioxide is enhanced by simply swimming.

If this country ever fell under the rule of a Dictator and he decreed that wherever there is a Little League Baseball park there will also be a swimming pool then he would be a stand up guy by my book.

Another little bit of trivia but serious information. Most drowning victims panic and fight so hard to keep from drowning, they exhaust themselves and drown in water they could stand up and walk out of.


Now I have you thinking in terms of how important swimming is to enhance our overall healthy body condition. Think of how baseball fitness-swimming will improve the baseball players muscle system addingto his skills and techniques of ball playing.

It is the muscle development of the arms and legs being strenghtened while forming the longer slender fibered muscle so neccessary for those quick as lightning gyrated like moves needed by the baseball All-Star players.

Could you now not agree that baseball fitness-swimming and swimming to enhance baseball playing skill capabilities are complementing activities?

At least we should tip our cap to baseball fitness-swimming for adding to our baseball playing capabilites and muscle training effort.

The ole "Swim for your life" gesture or baseball life has some deep seated truths.

See you at the swimming pool after practice. Last one in the pool is a rotten egg.

Fitness-Swimming is baseball fitness and body building Modern Era. Combining these two companion acts of baseball and swimming together is like catching a baseball smack in the clutch of a glove.

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