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Soft Toss: Color Distinction

by Marty Schupak
(valley cottage)

Eye-Hand Drill

Eye-Hand Drill

This is a great drill that stresses the importance of every element of the swing, from the grip and the stride to the soft focus/fine focus method of hitting. A parent or coach, kneeling a safe distance away from a hitter, tosses two different colored rag balls, constructed with regular two-inch masking tape or painter’s tape, to the batter. As the coach or parent tosses the two different colored balls, he/she will yell out the color of the ball he wants the batter to hit. The batter must adjust to a fine focus on the ball and strike the correct color ball that was called out. This is a more advanced drill and should only be attempted after the regular soft toss drill is perfected. The drill is great for conditioning eye-hand coordination. Once the player is comfortable hitting soft toss against the fence, this drill can then be shifted to the field and be performed with regulation baseballs, half of which having blue painter’s tape applied to them. Hitters can again practice hitting to all parts of the field.

By Marty Schupak


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Mar 29, 2016
great NEW
by: Anonymous

I like it

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