Baseball Nation

National League and American League is all Baseball Nation

Football, Ping Pong, Soccer, Golf Ball
None Compares To A Baseball

Baseball Nation ascribes to the thesis that a young and A New Nation struggling to gain its freedom and rightful place in the World of Nations and sports had a companion action along its side which we come to know as Baseball thus our Nation is truly a freedom loving baseball playing Nation.

In feudal times, a fiefdom was an area of allodial land in which regalian rights had been waived.

This seemingly off the wall reference to feudal times whereby Kings and Lords in the Middle Ages would provide, a fief an estate granted by the Lord in return for military or political service.

Now that your interest has been tweaked concerning a feudal Lord and Vassal relationship you might ask, "What or how does feudal times relate to our Baseball Nation?"

Here is the whole story all in a nutshell, the parallel of the Lord and vassals relationship during the Middle Ages correlates in a large measure to the Reserve Clause Ownership and Players of Baseball.

A study of history tells us gradually the feudal system gave way to a more democratic form of government and the Free Agency would become the norm operational rule replacing the Reserve Clause in baseball.

History from the Middle Ages and the many differnces of government practices of the world and a comparative issue of baseballs transition from a reserve clause to free agency was not solved over a cup of coffee.

" Being hit at often, as well as being hit much, it is no small wonder my reasoning of thinking might be a little addled but it never occourred to me with any impact that this Nation of our United States grew up with this Game of Baseball as its true and constant companion."

"Join one of the many baseball fan clubs today"

Baseball Nation and our game has made many changes but never in the history of the Country were baseball changes made which were not supported by the supporting fans.

Baseball a twig from the National Tree have demanded and made changes throughout baseball history but the changes were well within the aegis of what the sport loving baseball fans wanted.

Changes to the game, never being contrary to the inherent competitive nature of our game, we have grown up with and love about the brotherhood of a free spirit of winning is what our baseball nation encompasses.

This free spirit of winning and living in true freedom has and should always be the very foundation of our United States of America for Our Nation as well as our Baseball Nation.

Stretching across our country and our Nation is a network of true sports fans supporting their favorite Major League Baseball team formed up in what is call that Teams Nation.

If you would care too I would be happy to introduce you to the Governors of the Red Sox Nation of Georgia or Alabama. Simply contact me here at The Basballfarming Contact Us page if you have an interest in being a part of the Red Sox Nation.

As our young Nation grew imbued with with a strong sense of what was right and wrong constitutionally concerning liberty and the rights of free men we became a Nation of Laws. These Laws, like rules and regulations in the game of baseball, are designed to ensure the free and impartial rights for all(teams of players in baseball) citizens of the Nation desiring to be free with an equal opportunity to be productive within our Society.

Law is a system of rules, usually enforced through a set of institutions. Laws can shape or reflect politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people.

  • Our Nation and Society is governed by Laws.

  • Our Baseball game is played and governed by Rules.

    Our Baseball Nation is governed both by Rules and Laws. The players in the game of baseball are citizens living under Laws but playing within the Rules.

    Is it not logical even without a shadow of a doubt baseball and the playing of the game of baseball falls within the guidelines of being a Baseball Nation.

    Just as we have noted the correlation of the Laws for governing of a Nation and the Rules which governs sports including the play of a baseball game there are some vital differences.

    One of the most profound fo all Laws so rarely used is the process known as Judicial review that is to say rare in the realm of the average citizens knowledge concerning the process.

    Judicial review is the doctrine in republican theory under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review, and possible invalidation, by the judiciary.

    Specific courts with judicial review power must annul the acts of the state when it finds them incompatible with a higher authority, such as the terms of a written and adopted constitution.

    Judicial review is an example of the functioning of separation of powers in a modern governmental system (where the judiciary is one of three branches of government).

    This principle is interpreted differently in different jurisdictions, which also have differing views on the different hierarchy of governmental norms.

    As a result, the procedure and scope of judicial review differs from country to country and state to state.

    Baseball and the Baseball Nation has played many a game which if analysed in terms of winning the hearts and minds of kindred ball club fans in all parts of the world has attributed much toward Nation building.

    May our Game and Our Nation be governed by Men of Good Character and carry out all functions to be accepted as good deeds.

    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....