Baseballs Knuckleball Pitch

Knuckleball Pitcher tells Knuckle Head ,"Come dance with my knuckle ball .You shall be my leadout-- King..."

Hot Dang! A Dancing Ball

Baseballs Knuckleball Pitch tells Knuckle Head, "come dance with me", what in the name of good sense are you talking about? Have you lost your marbles?

What is this Knuckleball Knuckle Head jazz all about anyway?

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Knuckle Head might be chosen man to be king for an evening and in the spotlight for leadout at the dance.

But up jumps hot shot pitcher throwing junk pitches to Knuckle Head batter and the dance really begins.

Come in here talking jazz about some leadout at a dance. You have just about gone crackers and mama don't allow no guitar playing around here.

It's real, folks, the pitcher who has the where-with-all to control that well pitched baseballs knuckleball pitch, that cannot be controlled, is in demand.

Good buddy there are pitchers that make a good living pitching that ole baseballs knuckleball pitch.

Calling it a knuckle ball is today a misnomer. In days past, it was in fact held in the pitching hand with the fingers curled under and the ball actually gripped with the knuckles.

The current crop of pitchers during these modern times have learned new ways to throw the crazy acting baseballs knuckleball pitch to ole knuckle head.

Maybe I should explain what we refer to as baseballs knuckleball pitch?

Have you ever seen a butterfly in flight?

Have you ever watched a small birds feather released from a second floor window?

If you have ever witnessed either of these two actions then bingo, you know how baseballs knuckleball pitch dances toward home plate.

There is just no way to know how or where that hoss hide might decide to make its pirouette across home plate. Just like ole twinkle toes out there on the dance floor, that ball dances and twirls to its' own tune.

To days pitcher can hold that ball deep into the palm of his hand. Then again he might hold it on his very finger tips as if he were practicing touching the keys of a piano.

It matters not his grip, the trick is to throw the ball so as to have no rotation on the ball, na na rotation, causing the ball to seemingly float during its travel to homeplate.

This no spin allows the very minute natural wind to make that ball dance like that feather or dip and dive like that butterfly.

Now since we know what the ball is going to do or not to do we have two problems.

The pitcher has no problem in controlling and releasing the ball which acts like a mexican jumping bean going toward home plate.

The catcher has a real problem trying to corral that dippity do floating piece of debris called a baseball coming into his playhouse.

Just as the pitcher has his work cut out to control that apple, how about that poor dumfounded hitter? It is like trying to swat a fly which is hepped up on fly spray and buzzing around like a kamikaze acrobat.

The pitcher also has a secondary issue to contend with finding a catcher, who is nimble with quick as greased lightning reflexes.

The catcher who is the battery mate for baseballs knuckleball pitcher uses a catchers mitt that looks like a No. 3 wash tub. Why not, that dipping, diving and crazy ball is a real pest to capture.

That knuckle head coming to the baseball dance, has a lot of fans wanting to see the pitchers latest version of those whirling dervish pitches.

You have heard the comment I'm sure, "If you live by the sword you will surely die by the sword". This thought also applies to the knuckle thrower.

When a hitter gets a good whack at that pebble its show time open the curtain time.

My page topic could have simply been baseballs knuckleball pitch but I added the knuckle head for a purpose.

It is as simple as ABC because rag arm baseball pitchers have perfected the knuckle ball pitch for fun and effect.

Hitters as a rule are cut from the macho mold. They as a group think that they can best and beat anything a pitcher can serve up. This ego trip is what costs them many a safe hit.

The change up pitch is a staple and one of the most effective pitches a pitcher has in his arsenal. Human nature being what it is most hitter stay with their stance, their stride and their swing no matter what they are swinging at.

So when it comes to hitting a knuckle action pitch the hitter becomes nothing more than a knuckle head.

Even a blind hog will find an acorn sometimes so batters trying to harness that dip-pity do knuckle pitch will lace into it sometime.

That ole hoss hide will take a ride to the far reaches of the park and often beyond. The yard cannot hold a rocket blast. Nickel seats in the outfield bleachers have a souvenir for some youngster to carry home.

All Baseball is made more exciting by pitchers able to throw the Blooper Pitch as well as the throwing of the Knuckle Ball. The Blooper Pitch is an exciting crowd pleaser just as the Knuckle Pitch.

This junk pitch dance takes place on a two way street.

Batter looks foolish trying to catch up to that dancing white butterfly which looks like a baseball.

Then the pitcher flinches, and looks like some dude who just fell off the turnip truck, when a hitter lashes a knuckle shot outta sight.

Witness this baseballs knuckleball pitch and you too will know for sure it is a dancing ball thrown that litterally dances and floats from the pitcher to the plate.

Witness this as a hitter and you will be befuddled thats for sure thats for dang sure.

This is only some more of that stuff that makes the game of baseball so much a part of the game we love.

I hear the recess ending bell! Come on--You can be first up next time.. You were out anyway. No I wasn't. If you are late, I'm going to tell.

There is more interesting information about our game of baseball back at the topic on learning about baseball and Baseballs Knuckleball Pitch is also a part of this learning Learning About Baseball.

So it goes on and on and on. There is happiness in Mudville. The catcher dropped the ball !!

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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