Siluria Alabama Baseball

Buck Creek Mill Baseball Teams

Pre-eminent King Of The Hill Semi-Pro Baseball Teams Brought Fame And Glory To This Small Shelby County, Alabama Mill Village

Siluria Alabama Baseball set the baseball world on its ear sporting the best semi-pro baseball teams of the 1930's to the 1960's as the Buck Creek Mill Baseball "Millers."

How did this dynasty of winning baseball teams prove themselves as winners even though our country was overcoming this Nations great economic depression yet could produce such winners?

Well ! it all started in 1932 when owners of the Buck Creek Mill located in a small village in Siluria, Alabama located in the North Central part of the State in Shelby County. The Buck Creek Mill owners hired Henry "Moose" Parrish as a player manager. He was charged with the responsibility to scout/recruit and hire baseball players offering a "job" at the mill with the understanding that their primary duty was to practice and play baseball and, to play for Buck Creek Mill.

"Moose" sure had the magic recipe for his Siluria Buck Creek Mills baseball teams not only played well but played with such zeal talent and relentless enthusiasm from the mid 1930's until into the 1960's set unbelievable winning records.

"Hey! old shoe you can whoop and holler, rant and rave about those New York Yankees up in the Bronx with their dynasty of winning which they have achieved and recorded into the record books but the Buck Creek Mill "Millers" Baseball Teams 1930's into the late 1950's takes a back seat to none as to making a claim of being a dynasty."

The Buck Creek Mill Siluria Alabama Baseball Teams played the game of baseball with a passion and was a huge part of providing much of the growing and ever expanding fan following for the game of baseball.

One might draw a conclusion that it was the likes of such teams as Company sponsored and local fan enthusiasm such as Siluria Alabama Baseball which took baseball to the mountain top of all sports. Baseball did achieve the well known passionate title as being the never ending "Americas's Favorite Pastime."

The popularity and in large measure the fan base and loyal followers associate success and discern the winners from the losers or also rans by how well their team fares against teams they face within their league of play. Then too great winning teams are noted to not only become winners within a league but have the ability to win handily against competition of other leagues. Successful teams at winning when facing all comers intra-league and inter-league competitors builds not only a huge crowd of fans for games they also establish a reputation of being winners and everyone loves to come out to the ball park to see winners ply their skills playing baseball.

The Buck Creek "Millers" were greeted with enthusiasm into every Mill Village and Township for they were indeed a class action team of baseball. Siluria Alabama Baseball teams were hailed by baseball fans with overwhelming enthusiasm and crowds throughout Alabama and the Southeast simply by their power of winning.

Through the years Siluria Alabama Baseball as the Buck Creek "Millers" played within many and various baseball groups of leagues. Alabama a robust and prosperous entity of many villages, towns and cities with most sponsoring and fielding baseball teams. Teams representing the giants of the steel industry, and the coal mining towns and the cotton mill villages were sponsored and supported by these leading local companies through out Alabama and the South.

The Buck Creek Millers of Siluria Alabama Baseball sometimes playing as an independent entity but mostly playing within a league where the opposition would feel the sting of the dominating skills and play of the "Millers" of Buck Creek.

Birmingham Amateur Baseball Federation, East Alabama Industrial League,Shelby County League and the Bessemer All American Amateur Baseball Association at various intervals felt the bite and harsh reality of this baseball juggernaut proudly wearing the Buck Creek "Miller" Uniforms. The Buck Creek team uniforms proudly displayed a buck head or antlers on the left breast pocket or sleeve. Siluria Alabama Baseball the Buck Creek Mill fans and former players with pride in their eyes will always claim the following Major Leaguers who suited up and won for the Buck Creek "Millers."

  • Clay Bryant
  • Wilson (Dee) Miles
  • Luman Harris
  • Bobby Bragan
  • Handley (Jake) Daniel
  • Jimmy Bragan (coach)
  • Rev. Guy Morton,Jr.
  • Jim (Peanut) Davenport

    A dynasty comes along maybe once in ones lifetime but a dynasty is generally lead more often than not sometimes by a group of genes powering the excellent climb to the top and as such the Family Davenport is claimed by Siluria Alabama Baseball.

    Davenport brothers,uncles,and cousins played and held sway (even as umpires) for the "Millers." The Blue Chipper, the MVP, the All Star and possible the Super Star of the Davenport clan was a third baseman Jim (Peanut) Davenport.

    The baseball teams of the Buck Creek Millers did not achieve all of its great winning records strictly by the local home grown talent provided by the baseball playing Davenports. However, when you have winning teams loaded with playing skills such as the local talented Davenports let the record speak for itself.

    Jim was the San Francisco Giants third baseman by 1958 and was named as a National League All-Star and enjoyed playing with his Giants in the World Series.

    Buck Creek Mill Baseball teams brought honor to Siluria Alabama baseball and the players many not named herein continued on and many brought honor unto themselves as the All Stars of the many Stars who love and play the game.

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