Super Athlete

Running Speed, Physical Size
And Body Strength
Does Not A Super Athlete Make

Precise Muscle Movement, Quickness
And Adequate Strength
With Mental Smarts Is The Key

Super Athlete has within his being an innate built in ability for thinking, reacting, anticipating every movement and action of play with a body fit to play skillfully and fearlessly with a precision of motion and action.

The performance standards of a significant gifted athlete is measured by his consistent superb ability to be the best at his given sport not sporadically but solid dependable ability on every play.

Sport fans are thrilled to the feats of players of any sport who perform flawlessly executing skills in an almost effortless manner giving themselves or their team the winning edge as baseball playing winners time after time.

The physical size,running speed and athletic capability are only the outward appearing attributes which first by judgment is made for assuming one will become a super athlete.

Folks that is all well and good but give a little thought to the unseen intangibles which are unseen is truly the real key. Ones ability to play smart, quick thinking, quickness of movement with reaction timing, then too the extra ordinary ability to anticipate opposing play actions is essential to become a super athlete.

How To Grow A Super Athlete By DANIEL COYLE Published: NYT March 4, 2007

Contained an interesting thought by Robert Lansdorp which supports my philosphy which includes the idea that thinking with the perfect practice of fundamentals and discipline is one huge part of being a super athlete.

"You can't keep breast-feeding them all the time," Robert Lansdorp, a tennis coach in Los Angeles, told me. "You've got to make them an independent thinker."

"You don't need a fancy academy," he said. "You need fundamentals and discipline, and in this country nobody gives a damn about fundamentals and discipline."

Ted Williams the "splendid splinter" depicted above was blessed with genes of far and away above average superb eyesight. He took that as an advantage and with disciplined perfect practice of fundamentals excelled as one of baseballs greatest hitters.

Mix well this practice practice with perfect practice of disciplined fundamentals and technique and you will gain precise muscle movement. Now add a good dose of "Want To" stirring in the ingredients of ones God given genes and we have the potential of a super athlete.

Mickey Mantle a young lad from Oklahoma (pictured here) had no peers when it came to strength and speed providing him with the graceful body which encompassed the attributes of a Super Athlete.

The only other athlete with the natural all showing prowess of a Super Athlete which matched the grand proportions as found in "The Mick" is the named greatest athlete for the past fifty years is the Birmingham area native and the State of Alabama and Auburn University very own Vincent "Bo" Jackson.

Shall We Turn Our Thoughts Now To How This Precise Muscle Movement is Really Developed?

Allow me to introduce you to a word, Myelin, which you may not be totally familiar and what part it plays in making baseball players or other athletes the sought after hero of the baseball diamond or any sporting venue.

Well the short answer is it is the stuff which takes that practice of perfect practice of the fundamentals also known as technique and translates the required discipline of movement for body and muscle into autonomous reflex actions.

Myelin-- a soft white somewhat fatty material that forms a thick myelin sheath about the protoplasmic core of a mylinated nerve fiber.

Myelin Sheath-- a layer of myelin surrounding some nerve fibers.

Check the meaning and use of these two medically scientific terms and you will find they actually form the triggering basis for precise body and muscle reaction time.

Practice of fundamentals in repetitive disciplined fashion is now known to develop more precisively the automatic and fine tuned reflexive body and muscle action.

Now we can approach the early on athletic training knowing that our body and muscle system, through the bodies increasing development of Myelin, while trained in the right fundamentals or technique our skill capabilities are quantumly multiplied.

Each and every body performance skill exists as a circuit, and that circuit has to be optimized.

Therefore "Technique is Everything."

Youngsters beginning to play without having the benefit of proper training and taught proper technique have a real hindrance in achieving and reaching for that golden ring.

Baseball players or that matter any athletic endeavor should be a matter of disciplined practice to achieve improved skill levels so that it is a challenge and joy.

"The Myelin thing is both our Achilles strength and it's our Achilles' heel. It is what makes us human!"

Every gesture and word used in training players to become hitters should be formulated toward the elemental task of hitting the ball clean and hard.

The best of the group will continue to grow and excell and become the All-Stars and the ball playing heroes. Quickness, Adequate Body Strength with Stamina and Mental Alertness Adds To The Needed Formulation for The True Complete Super Athletic Performance.

The question of proper or appropriate fitness strength must be attuned to the sport one has chosen to enjoy applying his skills to become that sports super hero.

You certainly would not expect a world class sprinter to have the upper body muscles of a heavy weight boxer. Should a champion swimmer carry as much body weight into competition as the offensive guard on a Division I level college football team?

The answers are obvious so to pass along a good rule of thumb without explicit elaboration. "All athletes must have body strength and dexterity to handle his body size to execute every skill required of his playing sport or competitive activity." With fond memories we remember some of our local hometown Baseball Legends as our Super Athletes

Batter Up----Let's Play ball....