Approved Battle Gear For Pitched Battle
Pitcher Against Hitter

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Batting-Gloves are going high tech stealing the copyrights from King Arthur and his valiant Knights of the Round Table or the amply or possibly equally brave Gladiators suited for survival.

Nothing could be more electrifying to the blood thirsty fans or crowd in the coliseum opps! baseball stands than to witness a battle till the ninth inning finish.

Major League Baseball MLB has already given its approval. New York Mets catcher Omir Santos is among one of the first trying out a new high-tech piece of protective baseball equipment.

The gloves are made from an impact-absorbing material called Advanced Impact Composite developed by a start up company XProTeX. When the name XProTex first caught my eye I thought to myself it must be a take off of Joe Edd's AlaTex company.

Glory Be! cousin Joe Edd has done it again started making Gladiator Armament instead of precision tooled Artillery sighting gizmos. Nope it is XProTex not AlaTex....

The gladiator styled gauntlet batting-gloves are being introduced to protect the hands, those bony fingers and the wrist.

These protective batting-gloves are purported to reduce better than over half the impact when getting hit by a pitch roughly about 60 percent. The other 40 percent will leave a goose egg the size of an apricot or kumquat anyway bigger than a red lump of a strawberry with a direct hit from a well aimed 95+ mile per hour fastball with no break in its flight.

This sly sneaky putting of tongue in cheek connotation is in reference to the most recently, at least the last two, played Baseball World Series. This comment harkens to the ineptness of Umpires, Team Managers and the MLB Commissioner to halt the on target fireball zingers clipping the best hitters.

This routine battle of pitchers backing the best hitters away from hugging close to that plate and backing hitters to the very outer limits of the batters box.

Making light of this pitcher hitter battle thing most hitters having been hit repeatedly by those intently focused and well aimed bullets do in fact head to the mound and high ground to dislodge the enemy.

These new protective armor hitting-gloves are being made available to baseball players at spring training camps both the Grapefruit and Citrus Leagues. XProTex and again that is not AlaTex has hired Reggie Smith to go around spring training camps trying to persuade big leaguers to switch or at least to try these new space age pieces of baseball armor.

Maybe some of the toughies had rather fight than switch. Time will tell for now the pitchers will need to hold em and squeeze em putting that pill high and tight. The company surely needs to get good data by counting the number of on target hits onto those Advanced Impact Composite batting-gloves.

Where will the data come from if the pitchers lose the battle and cannot hit the hands and wrists with enough consistency?

You are invited to visit and enjoy some more of baseballfarming topics such as the other baseball equipment as you leave batting-gloves. Henry Ford so aptly remarked when marketing his T-Models and they were all painted black, "Let the buyers have any color they want as long as its black."

Being outfitted like real life medieval Gladiators who by penalty of life or death went forth to do battle some in honor of their Queen. Other to pay for their sentence of pennance for deeds being accused.

Lets take the high road and think of these well suited men of valor now out there on the baseball diamond as being valiant men all.

This new high tech development brings on much more baseball lingo to be considered for our game of baseball. Pitchers getting a little hossey out there zipping one cutting a button off the blouse of the hitter then like days of old the hitter might takes off his hitter gauntlet gloves tossing them on the ground in front of home plate.

Like days of old when throwing down the gauntlet was a challenge of honor and chivalry demanded a sudden and prompt response.

Lookout trouble is brewing! the pitcher can either take the challenge and meet the hitter half way between home plate and the mound or go to the shower in shame. This old game of baseball might really get interesting from here on in.

Colors have they been adopted into the rules yet? Henry would say make them all black. Maybe yes but that would signal the hitter as being the bad guys.

White heaven forbid that would be a clear signal of surrender and the battle is just now getting ready to heat up.

Well good people the rainbow still hangs beautifully in and through the mist and sunshine so take your pick. Any color but my chosen purple or green or blue or yellow.

Color Purple is off limits for we already have a movie but even more touching is the Royalty of the Queen reserves the use of Royal Purple. Shall it be registered and copy write rights acclaimed the gauntlet styled batting-glove is now reserved by Baseballfarming. Long live the Queen.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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