It IS baseball

Rose By Another Name Would Still Be A Rose

Baseball knows what it IS ---- it IS what it IS

it IS baseball just as someone once said, "a Rose by another name would still be a Rose." Baseballfarming asks you to consider, "baseball by another name would still be baseball."

Baseball borne in the hearts and minds of all men with a unique insatiable capacity and yearning of contesting the one upmanship of men against men. This one upsmanship is an innate spirit contained within man to challenge and to win.

The spirit of winning transcends simply the lives of men and the participating contestents it is like an all consuming covering reaching into the lives of all manner of men, women and the youth of the world.

it IS baseball starting where? going where? Wherever the spirit of sporting competition leads. What really constitutes the World of baseball? It IS a complex mix of players, teams, leagues, team owners, fans, ball parks, dusty sandlots, bats, balls, gloves, uniforms, logos, seasons, pennant flag winners, world championships, grammar school playground activity, caps of different colors, stockings red white or blue, scorecards, scoreboards, standings, major and minor, hitters, pitchers, fielders, catchers, foul poles, on deck circles, blind umpires, screaming fans, hot dog venders, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, TV coverage, losers but always winners.

it IS baseball? ---- Mr Ripley can believe it or not.

Like the little pig who went to the fair and bought a churn. On the way home he was to come face to face with the big bad wolf. Using the wisdom of "The Thinker" little pig jumped into the churn and it rolled merrily on its way down the hill with little pig reaching safety from the big bad wolf.

Baseball during all of it many years of providing what might be a sanction of miracles having faced many trials and tribulations for survival like little pig it did indeed survive and it IS our game of baseball.

It matters not a tinker's damn nor simply a tittle how we define IS.


Batter Up ---- Let's Play ball ....