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Tout every system known to mankind but when all is settled:

"THE GREATEST HEALTH TONIC IN THIS WORLD IS CLEAR CLEAN WATER." The first step is to choose a plan that can be successful for you! This is not a one size fits all issue...this is a custom fit...tailor made...Lose Weight...increase Good Health ...Nutritional Plan!

Whatever your personal goals may be...you can be successful in obtaining weight loss fitness a slim waistline and a more healthful vigor by starting small and staying the course.

Look at Dolly Parton...she was overweight for years during most of her professional life...when she made the decision to stop dieting...and make simple life-style changes...she truly did create positive change for herself.

Many others in all walks of life have done the same thing!

Folks that we know, people we attend church with, neighbors, classmates and co-workers...have made weight loss simple decisions and created positive change in their lives that only starts with weight loss fitness and better health...and then slowly permeates every area of their lives.

You can too! Calories don't discriminate by race, color or creed. They don't discriminate by socio-economic status. They don't discriminate by religion preference, geographical location or vocation.

Calories are what they are...units of energy!

They come and go...burn up and die...at your personal bequest. They don't know anything about weight loss fitness if you are a rock star, an accountant or a full-time student. They work on the same principles, regardless.

Which means...you don't have to be in the glamourous world of Hollywood or a member of a Country Club to attain a slim waistline and improve your energy. The calories don't know what you do, or who you are and cannot discriminate when you decide to let them go...

...and that's what this is about...the decision to let them go!

...the decision to let yourself be all you can be...all you deserve!

When you make a decision...you flip the switch...and everything is different...

On their way to effective weight loss fitness, most folks start small, with baby steps. ...They decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

...they decide to have a salad...they leave off that extra roll...they eat only one-half that piece of chocolate cake.

As these small steps are taken...folks feel empowered.

They made a decision...they stuck to it...they feel different about themselves and began to feel that they can reach certain goals.

Setbacks are certain...they are part of it...embrace them!

Interruptions such as Illness, Allergies, etc. may affect your ability to work-out...and your appetite.

Visitors and changing work schedules affect your diet and attitude. Sometimes, after a long, hard day..it's got to be a pizza and television night...that's okay! All things in moderation!

Weight loss fitness and Increased Good Health are part of your journey...not a destination in itself. You may reach goals and celebrate, but retaining the good habits that you've created for yourself should become a part of who you are. Always consult a physician before changing your diet and activities and insure that you follow healthy guidelines.

This may be especially important for folks diagnosed with Diabetes and other serious health concerns who should closely monitor their blood glucose levels.

The Old Navy Boxer's Secret Diet...

The father of an old and dear friend of mine served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. He served in the ship's galley and also participated in some extracurricular boxing.

He once told me his secret to making weight.

"Eat all you want to during the day," he said. Just eat like you typically would, eat french fries, potato chips and ice cream, etc.

But after about 3 or 4 P.M....Don't eat another bite!

It's that food...that puts the weight on you!

I like a night-time bowl of ice-cream more than anything...but when I took his advice, I found the extra weight I had been carrying...began to melt away. I lost over 20 lbs in 4-5 weeks by making that one change in my diet.

Over the years I have made other changes to my diet and exercise program...but this one effective strategy always remains as my fall-back.

That is, if I find my weight creeping up on me because I've taken a little too much time off the treadmill...

I just decline any food after 4-5 P.M. and...you'll see what I mean!

The Famous Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

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