All Ages Through The Ages Since Late 18th Century
Have Embraced It Unashameably

Owners Own It Umpires Control It All Love It

What is Baseball it simply starts with a statment which was not to be a question then captured the imagination of a young and growing free Country with its malice toward none winning the hearts of a Nation as it became our National Pastime.

What really constitutes this thing we call baseball. It IS a complex mix of players, teams, leagues, team owners, fans, ball parks, dusty sandlots, bats, balls, gloves, uniforms, logos, seasons, pennant flag winners, world championships, grammar school playground activity, caps of different colors, stockings red white or blue, scorecards, scoreboards, standings, major and minor, hitters, pitchers, fielders, catchers, foul poles, on deck circles, blind umpires, screaming fans, hot dog venders, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, TV coverage, some losses but always winners. Somewhere tucked in the useful language adopted by English and used extensively by Merriam Webster in filling much of his heralded Dictionary are scads of baseball terms.

Perchance William Shakespeare in his portrayal of Life when he proclaimed so vividly it was but a Dream and how it might strut and fret its time upon a stage and is heard no more.

Not so for our Grand Game of Baseball for it has spread its wings to the four corner of the World and has no doubt found its way where it sails on Season upon Season.

From the spring of planting and the harvest of fall the boys of summer live and love their game of pitch and throw catch and toss hitters on the run.

What is baseball after a climatic World Series gives way to the slumber of winters cold.

The old will study the stats of the season gone past. The young beginners having found a thrill while hearing and feeling the crack of the bat on a well hit ball longingly wishes it was suddenly springtime again.

it Is Baseball

Maybe the game of baseball is nothing but Baseball Dreams and yet wide awake we ask What Is Baseball?


Batter Up ---- Let's Play Ball ....

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