Bloopers Made Baseball Style

Bloopers Are A Real Crowd Pleaser
Everytime All The Time

Bloopers be it a by chance thing as in hitters luck, or a pitchers trick, or even a baseball players goof ball mishap by all means, it has always been a crowd pleasing action.

The possibility of a ball player getting embarrassed by some simpletons bumbling goof up while pulling a mild or horrendous stupid boner certainly causes a breakout of uproaring jovial hilarity and snickering throughout the ole ball park.

A silly mishap or wrong headed play by a player will always get a good belly laugh roar from the crowd. Team mates of the goof ball player will hide their amusement because of the teams embarrassment.

Players out on the ball diamond view a players screw up in light of how it might effect their teams game advantage or disadvantage.

Opponents on the other opposing team will chuckle with delight seeing a players real boner which puts his team in a bad situation.

Some might refer to these goof ups or goof ball mishaps as sometimes deliberate or sometimes unavoidable silly mishaps as monkey-shines.

The fans will express delight in the, excuse me, foul up.

The team players without question as well as the crowd view bloopers as standard fare in their baseball terminology and are tickled on most occasions at the expense of the clumsy teammates' Oops!

Baseball is not the only avenue of such mishaps the entire entertainment and media broadcasting are world famous for such shenanigans. Goof it up and you are a caught Goof Ball.

Hitters luck-- the baseball bloop hit is a by chance thing when a hitter does not put good wood, (fails to hit the ball solid), on the ball and it pops over the racing and outstretched glove of the infielder, this type of hit is called a bloop hit, fluke hit or blooper.

If you will, the bloop or lucky dying quail hit.

Now the hitter will strut and crow, "nothing to it fellers just like I planned it". Yea,! and the mighty Mississippi river flows north to St. Louis from New Orleans.

The baseball hitting coach, sitting over there in the shade, grinning like that proverbial jackass eating saw briers says, "Good as a mile son."

The batting coach knows the blooper hit by his hitter was luck more than design but a hit is a hit. Give me a dozen at that same price.

The bloop hit within the context of the baseball lingo or baseball jargon is really being a lucky getting on base hit is without question well understood by all in baseball. Now you might think this bloop-hit or blooper hit was a by chance thing. This is not an absolutely 100 per cent true statement. If it is a by chance thing we also refer to it as a fluke-luck-hit or simply call it a blooper.

There are in this game of baseball some baseball hitters, we refer to as banjo hitters who thrive on stealing base hits by tapping that ball just over the heads of those infielders now these are not the real McCoy of bloopers for they are a calculated and practiced hitting technique.

What is a banjo-hitter ? Never heard of such! Who do you think have won the World Classic Game but a bunch of bat control hitters or banjo hitters.

The Baseball International Series which concluded by the artful hitting by Japan winning both the 2006 and the 2009 World Baseball Classic is a prime example of a baseball team with banjo hitters.

Japan strategy of play and hitting is to hit defensively, and to make the opponent on defense, play error free ball to win games.

The banjo hitter instinctively protects the strike zone by slapping at the ball. His swing is not a hearty full swing like the Mighty Casey at bat.

In reality, the Japan team hitters will bloop hit or ground ball hit you all game long to high heaven in an effort to defeat your team. Japanese baseball teams are filled with banjo or slap hitters as a matter of strategy.

Did it work ? You bet your bottom dollar it works.

The inaugural Baseball World Classic Game ,played the spring of 2007, found the Japanese team crowned as the Champions. Now you tell me if the banjo or slap hitting which embodies the blooper hit works or no? Blooper-pitch--this is a baseball bloopers artful play by design i:e a the blooper-pitch. This act and art of skilled blooper-pitch by a pitcher is indeed a real crowd pleas-er.

The art is the ability of the pitcher to toss that ball to the hitter in a looping arc or arch and having the ball to be falling downward when it crosses the plate and into that strike zone. It is a daring maneuver but oh so effective when executed to perfection.

Professional baseball rules and the general rules of baseball provides no deterrent or prohibition for such unorthodox pitch or pitching tactics as the blooper-pitch.

Can you just not feel the anguish of that hitter standing there all geared up muscles taunt as a jack hammers blow ready to knock the hoss-hide right off that ball? The baseball looks to the batter like it is the size of a basketball coming up there.

The batter is shocked. His mind and habit are so intent on really lacing into that little white pill he gets caught flat footed and is totally surprised.

The throwing of the baseball blooper pitch is extremely hard to hit by the mere fact the baseball is traveling in two different planes at the same time. the ball is coming forward and is falling downward simultaneously. The ball is moving or coming toward you in horizontal plane parallel to the ground and at the same time is falling toward the ground from the vertical plane.

This two dimensional travel action makes the little ball diamond blooper pitched baseball hard to hit for we are not accustom or in the habit of seeing this motion of the ball.

The batter swings with gusto and all he gets is a swish of air.

Now the pitcher figuratively speaking "has his goat" and all of his hitting concentration has gone south. The pitcher throws him another one just like the other one. Same-o-Same-O-Swish.

Nothing but air. Do you think he hits the third one? Why heck no. That baseball blooper pitched rock thrown in that slow downward arc is harder to hit than you could possibly imagine.

The crowd and especially those ole ball playing codgers who have played the game through the by gone years are immensely amused and it brings out a good hearty chuckle.

Would you believe one whole season of baseball in the Southern Association Baseball League was filled with excitement over two veteran pitchers that drew capacity crowds to see them go head to head as baseball blooper pitchers?

This is a true story. Their names were Newsome and Ray "Pappy" Caldwell. Stay with me and I will one day soon give their full names, the teams and the year of play. Be patient, I'll get back to you soon. The third type of baseball joke goofy action aside from "hitters luck" and "bloop-pitch" is the teams klutz maker "goof up" or "goof ball" which is a laughingly embarrassment to the player which he has to endure when he glaringly fouls up and pulls a real boner.

Some of the baseball wacky antics or strange fouled up plays witnessed gleefully by the fans, which are more frequent, will more often than not fall upon the shoulders of the catchers.

A high pop up straight overhead a catcher may find himself running pell mell toward the backstop and then Ka plunk, the foul popped baseball falls right at home plate.

Again a catcher may flip that face mask off, stagger around looking for that pop up and bingo, he finds the mask with his tripping feet right where he left it.

Not all goof up situations are to be blamed on the catchers but remember the Catchers are the tough as nails thick skinned players on most teams and they are able to take the ribbing.

Now we know what makes this game of baseball such a pleasing sport it is filled with baseball hijinks and excitement. Be patient watch the action on the ball diamond and you surely will see plays and acts that will truly amaze you.

This history of the game with all its baseball mishaps and heroics is much of what endears the game of baseball to us all.

Be it hitters luck or by design, the pitchers trick or a players goof up we love it all and talk the talk of this baseball shenanigan till our next game.

These baseball mishaps are all crowd pleasing and add to a fans delight if you could sit in on some of the sixth graders moments of recounting the game you would know what the game brings.

"Did I Get Bopped, Bipped or Blooped? My Cage Sure got Rattled But It Was Not A Fence Rattling Blow"

Wha'ts holding up the game? The catcher is going to be just fine, he's as tough as a pine knot, take more than a head-on collision to stymy his go-get-em gusto.

Mighty Casey or some Banjo plunk-er...?

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....