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Beginner Baseball Winning Skills

Always Be Alert ---- Play Under Control

Beginner Baseball page2 Always Be Alert--Play Under Control players should be taught to play under control and always be alert for the game of baseball requires it. Players need to learn early to be wide awake and have their heads into the game.

All young beginning players as well as the seasoned ball players should have it stressed upon them often, always to follow the following two important actions, even if for nothing other than for safety purposes whenever they are out there on the playing field.

  • Always Be Alert
  • Play Under Control
  • Oh but you say those are not skills. Maybe not but if we treat them as being beginner baseball skills that need to be practiced practiced and practiced then later we will find they were significant keys in making that baseball player into a real skilled winner.

    Always Be Alert

    Teach that anytime they are on the baseball diamond that it is imperative that all players to be wide awake and heads up at all times. This is rule no.1 for safety sake and secondarily it will develop a sense of importance to always know what’s happening when the ball is in play.

    This "mental game" of staying alert focused "being into the game" is an absolute and without question important at all levels of baseball. Even Major Leaguers will at times fail to keep their thoughts and head into the game.

    The little league rules maybe should consider having a notation for coaches: "When a player is not alert and paying attention in a game it would be best to send in another but eager beginner baseball player substitute."

    There is a strong purpose for us to instill without being overbearing the need for players to have that "want to" spirit for playing the game.

    Good baseball players are keenly aware of everything that is going on while he or she is out on the field also before during and all throughout the game.

    Beginner baseball players learn quickly so hold back no punches but do it with definitive emphasis so it sinks in immediately.

    "Goofing Off There On The Ball Field Not Paying Attention To The Action Is Strictly A No No." Getting Hit On The Ole Bean With A Hard Hit Liner Will Leave A Knot On Their Little Noggin So Big You Will Not Know Which Knot Is Which."

    "Don't Be A Knothead"

    Play Under Control

    Young boys and girls as a rule their body strength and physical control ability has not yet fully developed. This is no license to ignore the fact that their habits and training on this aspect of playing is not important.

    If you but emphasize it enough they will learn that it is of significant importance faster than a cat can lick it's whiskers.

    Here is a helpful hint to show beginning players the idea you are trying to teach. Have them run from first base to second base as fast as they can and to stop when you holler "stop".

    They cannot stop without over running the base. Point this fact out to them and soon they will recognize they need to control their stop. There are many other techniques that can point out the need to play under control.

    Most baseball injuries will occur during any athletic game participation when the player exceeds or even under plays an action without keeping all parts of his body well balanced and playing under control.

    Tell them and show them how to move quickly but not hurried. The difference is significant in being quick or being in too big a hurry.Teach them that haste makes waste.

    Take them out to see a ball game where Old Timers Baseball is being played in one of the Baseballs Over the Hill Gang leagues.

    Tell them ahead of going to the game to watch how effortlessly and unhurried those old boys get the job done never getting in too big of a hurry and not making foolish hurry up mistakes.

    These are some examples but more significant is the forming of good habits as a beginner baseball player must be taught to always stay alert as heads up and ready to make a play.

    Now good folks we start shucking down the corn "so to speak". Click move to Beginner Baseball page3

    Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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