World Series 2011

St. Louis Cardinals ,NL
Texas Rangers, AL

What An Amazing Finish For The 2011 Regular Season Of Play

World Series 2011 the entire 2011 year of baseball played without much fanfare with the Philadelphia Phillies playing lights out baseball for most of the season in the National League and looking like the class act of all of baseball.

American League Junior Circuit of Major League Baseball:

Meanwhile over in the American League the Detroit Tigers playing like there was no tomorrow since the likes of the Georgia Peach "Ty" Cobb was only a memory.

Then boom bang September hits the calendar and serious shuffling of who would claim to be King of The Hill or at least slip into the playoffs by being the Wild Card team of the American and the National Leagues?

The American League come the September run for the pennant had the Tigers of Detroit,the Rangers of Texas shooting from the hip and leading their divisions with the stampede just beginning and could not be headed.

Now in the modern era of baseball we load the playoffs with the three division winners and take one wild card team from the best of the all the rest of the three divisions.

Baseball history and the game is loaded with the tales of how the Yankees and Red Sox fight each other tooth and nail to claim to be top dog of the Eastern Division of the American League.

The Red Sox slipped and the Yankees high stepped unscathed to take the eastern division going away during September.

Would you believe the Red Sox not only slipped but in fact fell like a bad apple from the old apple tree.

There was a team playing second fiddle all season long during the dogfight of the Yankees and Redsox and also playing in the same eastern division of the American League.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing solid baseball with the grit and tenacity of a swashbuckling Buccaneer with no give up or calf rope to be uttered. The Red Sox slipped down the gin pole landing in the same boat with those spirited hard pitching bat swinging Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Remembering a full season of play of 162 games and at the final call of "Batter Up ---- Let's Play Ball...." the choice of the American League Wild Card Team for 2011 must be decided with a one game playoff between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Season ends with the last day of the season with the Red Sox and Buccaneers locked in a dead heat tied for the right to be the Wild Card Team of the American League. Tampa Bay, skewered the swan diving Red Sox with a thrust to the gut, in a one game winner take all for the Wild Card berth in the American League.

"Okay ole shoe you made me think the American League was all and only one which had the Wild Card selection drama going at the finish of the 2011 season. I can tell you without fear of contradiction the National League and the swoon dive of the Atlanta Crackers opps it is the Atlanta Braves was also just such an historical feat matching the American League."

Before we launch into the what happenned in the closing month of September 2011 leading to the World Series Winner we must find the National League wild card team so let us recap who marched forth into the playoffs for the American League.

  • Eastern Division winner----New York Yankees
  • Central Division winner----Detroit Tigers
  • Western Division winner----Texas Rangers
  • Wild Card Team-------------Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They all came to play and with high hopes of gaining the laurel wreath of the victors crown but only the Texas Rangers of The American League had the mettle to blast their way through the playoff series on into play of the World Series 2011.

National League Senior Circuit Of Major League Baseball:

The National League set the tone and tenor of how to play this our game of baseball by letting the American League join them as the Junior Circuit of Major League Baseball.

This little benovelent act of good sportmanship took place well many moons ago at the turn of the 20th Century and the year 1903 ushered in the start of a series finale of season play for the game of baseball which took unto itself a life of its own as The World Series of Baseball.

As recapped above the American League ended its 162 game regular season of play with two teams all tied in one little knot of identical records forcing a one game showdown for the Wild Card team to enter the playoffs.

After all is said and done if the National League claiming its Senior Circuit heritage rights then it would seem fitting to not let the Junior Circuit American League have all the games drama leading to the World Series 2011.

So lo and behold playing all summer long leading to the finish of the full 162 games even slipping right on past the All Star break till the very end and having September filled with baseball drama.

Must remember one of the little obscure facts of the rules, "The winner of the All Star Game at mid-season", determines which team will receive the home field advantage for the seven games of the World Series.

The National League secured that advantage by winning the 2011 All Star Game.

Not to be bested, if the Junior Circuit could dramatize its season with two teams reaching 91 wins and 71 losses on the final day of the season, so could the old National League.

Never a stickler for a complete array of statistics to prove yea nor nay but this ole boy has never witnessed nor remembered when the two Leagues of Major League Baseball (MLB) both ended regular season play each with two teams tied with identical records.

Ironically the teams of each of the leagues were two of the teams scrambling to get into the playofffs headed to the World Series 2011 as the Wild Card team.

The Atlanta Braves and the St Louis Cardinals were tagged by fate to be the two National League teams Wild Card contenders for World Series 2011 thus requiring a showdown game to determine which would be the Wild Card.

In all playing of sports you have a need to have winners and losers, and if you will, heroes and goats. Drama builds and builds always until the fat lady sings.

The goats are let out to pasture to stay the winter while the heroes or winners march on to the stirring tune of winners hoping to survive the pending playoffs and make it to the grand finale of the World Series 2011.

The Atlanta Braves entered the month of September 2011 flying high and even doing a little jaw boning with a swagger but like a falling Quail hit by a blast from a hunters pump shotgun tumbled down to the ground with a bouncing thud.

The Cardinals flew low and then swung high over the open fields knowing full well the "Bear" and his bird shooting buddy Pat Dye might be taking on any bird in flight over the hunting fields. The Cardinals of red stayed focused flying and playing baseball only on the baseball field.

It was seemingly an apparent shoo in for the Atlanta Braves to easily capture the Wild Card teams berth of the National League.

September proved to be a nightmarish disaster as the Braves fell on its own Tomahawk losing to the St Louis Cardinals is a one game showdown in this 163rd game of the 2011 season.

So here are the National League contenders going into the playoffs with visions, dreams and hopes of capturing the Winners ring of the World Series 2011.

The winners of these annual rite of World Series of Baseball in America are proclaimed to be the World Champions Of Baseball.

  • Eastern Division winner----Philadelphia Phillies
  • Central Division winner----Milwaukee Brewers
  • Western Division winner----Arizona Diamonbacks
  • Wild Card Team-------------St Louis Cardinals

The St louis Cardinals with a legacy of 18 trips to the World Series, from those days of the legendary fame of the "Gas House Gang", whipsawed their play through the 2011 playoff series gaining another trip into the World Series 2011. Life really is a strange parable for one lives and enjoys the fruits of all the beautiful things all created for mankind to enjoy remember and dwell upon within his private thoughts and even to be shared by words thoughts and deeds.

Cotton top had fully intended to do a recap of every game of the World Series 2011 but now upon second thought and after game six (6) baseballfarming has decided to take another tact.

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post has captured the entire essence of baseball and the World Series 2011 with his stirring portrayal of game six shown here.

2011 World Series: David Freese caps Cardinals’ unbelievable comeback

By Thomas Boswell, Friday, October 28, 12:36 AM


"Time will decide. Because time will be needed to digest the feast of heroism, comedy, strategy and virtually insane comebacks that turned Busch Stadium into a theater of continuous disbelief here in Game 6 of the World Series. But it’s possible that we just saw the most preposterous, fabulous, thrilling and all-around unbelievable World Series game of this generation."

Of all World Series ever played since 1903 it is almost fitting to call the World Series 2011 Games to a halt for it seems to me as if it would almost be unjust to conclude play without both teams being declared the victor.

Without question that is not how life moves on we will have a declared victor with a winner and there will be joy in Muddville once again.

However baseballfarming challenges every baseball fan around the globe to recap the seven games of World Series 2011 using their very own rendition capturing all the new records set or tied by players during the World Series 2011.

To be continued ----- here is hoping you will still get the full runout of how the World Series 2011 unfolded as told by the fans from around the world.

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