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Baseball Lingo Revealed provides you with good information pertaining to frequently asked questions (Baseball FAQ's), more baseball vocabulary and baseball terminology which will add enjoyment to your game of baseball.

Have you ever wondered what was happening in a baseball game, which you did not have a clue, yet others seemingly all around you were clattering away about the action using well worned baseball jargon?

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Now you will have baseball lingo revealed some interesting nuances of strange vocabulary and a source of good information right here about many of the frequently asked questions of baseball.

Well here at baseball lingo revealed are the answers to some of the questions (Baseball FAQ's) you have been pondering. Feel free to contact me with any other questions about the great game of baseball as well.

  • Do you know who in baseball that spoke Stengelese?

    The venerable Casey Stengel Hall Of Fame Manager of the New York Yankees.

  • Why do players in the dugout put their Caps on Backwards?

    The players are calling for their teammates to get a rally started "they need base runners". This is the built in rooting section of players.

  • It is a little amazing what baseball lingo revealed will bring to your attention about the game.

  • Which Player Signals the Others How to Postion Themselves to Play a Hitter?

    Catcher, because he knows the hitting habit of the hitter very well but more importantly he knows what type pitch he is going to call.

    Catcher makes sure the outfielders are properly positioned as relates to the pitch coming up. He also checks the infield making sure they are heads up on the pitching call.

  • Are Major League Teams Allowed Aluminum Bats?

    Little Leaguers, thru collegiate level of baseball, are allowed to use aluminum bats.

    Major league teams, no-no. Maybe one day but still today we can here that sweet sound of wood on ball in professional baseball.

    The aluminum bats, are only used by the non-professional teams, they are required however to have a permanent mark certifying the bat meets the Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR) performance standard.

    The BESR mark, is a relative new baseball lingo revealed term,this marking (certifies) ensures a maximum exit speed of 97 miles per hour and that the bat has met this requirement. This is the honest truth about certifying of the aluminum bats.

    It is a National Federation High School Association requirement sanctioned by the Rules Committee. I'll drop the subject now and take the matter no further.

  • What Tobacco Habit is Associated With Baseball?

    You got it right! It' chewing Tobacco. Baseball players have gone up-to-date and concerned of the medical consequences now it hello! Sunflower Seeds.

  • Where is Pro Baseball Hall Of Fame Located?

    Cooperstown, New York is the proud home of Baseball's Hall of Fame. Cooperstown N.Y. is a small resort village on Otsego Lake, about 80 miles west of Albany, New York.

    Cooperstown in 1839 has been claimed by a trumped up report to be the place where boys, as baseball lingo revealed is led to believe, started playing the game of baseball on a diamond shaped infield.

  • Is a Player Allowed to Play Without a Baseball Cap On?

    Playing without the wearing of a cap on is not allowed. The umpire should immediately call time and require the player to get a cap but today it is the batting helmet which a batter must wear when coming to bat.

  • Why Do the Umpires Look at the Baseballs During the Game and Give Some of Them Back to the Ball Boy?

    Umpires are not only charged with calling the plays of the game, they are also guardians of the game. A ball which is scuffed up and even possibly with a broken stitching is not alive and well.

    A scuffed ball gives an advantage to the pitcher. Scuffed balls provide more wind friction and will allow the balls to dance a little bit more.

  • Baseball lingo revealed talks a lot of things even about a scuffed up baseball.

  • Who Can Officially Call Off the Game in Progress Due to Rain?

    The head umpire is officially in charge once the ball game gets underway. It is the head umpires discretion as to when or why a game in progress should be called.

    A little rain and the game goes on but if there are any lightning strikes occurring in the area then his call for halting the game is a gimme within the purview of baseball lingo revealed concerning rules.

    The umpire calling the balls and strikes acts as the head umpire during a game. The plate umpire on many occasion will call a consultation huddle, however, he makes the final call on the controversial calls.

  • Which Four Position Players are Normally your Long Ball or Homerun Hitters?

    The three outfielders plus the first baseman.

  • Which Position Players Normally Report First to Spring Training Camp?

    Pitchers and Catchers. It is imperative that the pitchers get in top notch shape early in the season especially their legs must be well conditioned.

  • What is the Trademark of a Bat?

    This is the stamped or engraved logo or manufacturers label placed on all bats. A wood bat, by the very nature of wood, has what is called the grain.

    This grain or natural growth of all wood has layer upon layer of wood plies. These layers or plies are added each year in the natural growth of the wood.

    Strength of wood is much stronger when being struck on the side or surface where the grain is exposed. The trademark location on a bat should always be up or facing the hitter so when you are swinging and hitting the ball the exposed grain surface of the wood hits the ball.

    Makers of wooden bats universally placed the trademark on the unexposed grain surface of the bat. Neat huh!

  • Baseball lingo revealed reports keeping the trade mark up when the bat is swung level to the ground provides the bat to have its maximum wood giving strength against the blast of the ball,

  • Where Should the Trademark be as the Bat meets the Ball?

    The trademark should be up i.e. on top of the level swinging bat to protect against breaking.

    This grain alignment thing also provides added velocity to the ball being spanked away from the bat. This velocity thing has to do with kinetic energy and the laws of physics.

  • Who is in Charge the Coach? or the Manager?

    The manager of professional teams is in charge of the team. In the major leagues, coaches are the hired hands to teach the various aspects of the game to the players.

    All baseball teams below the professional level use the all inclusive term of coach. Young players have all been taught that the coach is in charge. You should learn quickly who is in charge; otherwise, there is chaos and trouble right here in River City.

  • You see baseball lingo revealed allowed you to be able to discern the variation of being called a manager or the coach.

  • Which Team Bats First?

    The visiting team always bats first. This part of an inning is known as the top of the inning.

  • What is a Farm Team?

    Professional Minor League Team where the newly signed rookie professional baseball players play till their skill levels are developed and they are considered good enough to play in the Major Leagues.

  • Where was Mickey Mantle's Home State?

    Mickey Mantle was raised up in Commerce, Oklahoma. He was called "The Commerce Comet" and "The Commerce Kid" and joined the Yankees during the 1951 season.

  • Where is Flatbush?

    Flatbush was a borrough or section of Brooklyn, New york and home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers have now moved to the West Coast.

  • Who Played in the Bronx?

    The Bronx was a section of New York city which was the home of the fabled New York Yankees. The Yankee hitters were known as "The Bronx Bombers".

  • Who were known affectionately as the Bums?

    The Brooklyn Dodgers were affectionately called "Dem Bums". The use of "Dem Bums was reserved for use only by the folks of Flatbush any one else using this term was in jeopardy of getting his clock cleaned.

  • Who was the rough tough playing Rebel from Geogia known as the "Georgia Peach?"

    He was raised in Georgia. Georgia being one of the original thirteen (13) colonies of the United States was the proud mother state for the original "Georgia Peach", Tyrus Raymond Cobb.

  • This player could also be called an original for he played the game with a fervor unmatched in the annals of the game. When players were selected for induction of 1936 into the first class of Baseballs Hall Of Fame he was acclaimed almost unanimously by votes of the selecting sports writers.

  • Who Pitched the ONLY Perfect "No Hit" world series Game in the History of Baseball?

    Don Larsen did it. He masterfully pitched the Yankees to a 2-0 no hit shut out over the Brooklyn Dodgers at Yankee Stadium on October 8, 1956. This was the first and only perfect game in World Series history.

    Normally, when a hero, for such a momentous history making event, teammates would rush out and carry him from the field.

    Yogi Berra was so overcome with joy; he ran to the pitchers mound and jumped up into Don's arms.

    Yogi's unashamed jubilation is vintage and classic Yogi.

    There has only been this one perfect no hit World Series game and Don Larsen did it.

  • Can you describe the Batting Stance for These all time Great Players: "Stan Musial", “Joe DiMaggio", “Ted Williams”, and "Hank Aaron"?

  • Stan Musial--"Stan the Man"

    had the most unorthodox batting stance of any of the greats of the game.

    You will have to be amazed what baseball lingo revealed will bring your way.

    Musial was a left handed hitter. At the plate he looked like Mighty Mouse had caught him by the shoulder and circled him twice at mach 3 speed. He resembled a cork screw with one leg cocked and ready to unwind.

  • Joe DiMaggio--"The Yankee Clipper"

    spread his feet with a long stride.

    DiMaggio was a right handed hitter. At the plate he used his long and lanky upper powerful body to drive that ball. His wide striding stance was classic and picturesque. He smote the ball well.

    Holds record of hitting safely in 56 consecutive games.

  • Ted Williams-- "The Splendid Splinter."

    Had a moderate to long stride and on occasion would cock his front foot stepping into the pitch.

    More of a hitch in his swing as opposed to a cocking action.

    Ted was a left handed hitter. Considered by most to have the keenest eye for determining the ball or strike pitch. He took pride in not striking at a ball out of the strike zone.

  • Baseball lingo revealed is happy to describe these ball playing greats.

  • Hank Aaron--"Hammering Hank."

    Had a long spread stance. He was not as tall and lanky as Joltin Joe DiMaggio but his strong powerful upper body strength produced a smooth as silk swing.

    Aaron was a right handed hitter. Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record 714 home runs by hitting No. 715 in Atlanta Stadium--on April 8, i974.

    He hit a grand total of 755 home runs during his career. Henry "Hammering Hank" Aaron retired in 1976.

  • Tell me baseball lingo revealed what are those letters and symbols on a baseball score sheet?

    The symbols have meaning and all are defining the action of play which took place.

Symbols for Plays entered on a score sheet are:

  • - Single
  • = Double
  • =- Triple
  • == Home Run
  • E Safe on Error
  • FC Fielders Choice
  • HP Hit by Pitcher
  • WP Wild Pitch
  • SB Stolen Base
  • S Sacrifice
  • PB Passed Ball
  • BK Balked
  • K Strike OUt
  • BB Base on Balls
  • SF Sacrifice Fly
  • DP Double Play
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